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Strawberry Hills Forever—Vanessa Berry

Strawberry Hills Forever—Vanessa Berry

Vanessa Berry is one of Penny’s favourite writers and objectively one of the biggest wigs in the Australian zine scene.

We emailed her to ask if she knew how we could get any of her books, and she sent some that she had under her bed.

Vanessa says:

‘In 2007, a collection of my stories was published in book form by Local Consumption Publications, accompanied by illustrations by Keg de Souza. It featured some stories from my zines, most notably two complete issues of Laughter and the Sound of Teacups, the zine I wrote every 23rd of the month from 1997 to 2002. It also featured new stories, including a treatise about Sydney op shops—described in one review as ‘Berry visiting endless op-shops’—and stories about favourite Sydney locations such as the Camperdown Velodrome (now O’Dea Reserve).’