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Hold It Together t-shirt—black

Hold It Together t-shirt—black

Hold your torso together with this remarkable garment.

This t-shirt is manufactured from pure cotton by the good folk at AS Colour. Next, it is shipped to Australia and kept in storage. Then, we purchase it in bulk. The next few steps are complicated: We supply computer-generated designs of Tim Lahan’s artwork to the screen printers. Following a protracted period of negotiations and changes (we’re pretty indecisive), the artwork meets the t-shirt by way of ink, squeegee and silk. Then, it dries. Then, it’s pressed. Then (we can’t be bothered coming up with another way of saying ‘then’), the screen printers email or text to let us know that our order is ready. All that remains to be done is for us to borrow Mel’s car, drive to the screen printers, park in a No Standing zone, walk in and chat for a while, and then pack the boxes into the car, drive back to work, count all the t-shirts, put little size tags on them, take some photos of them, upload the photos, write this, upload it, and then kick back and listen to some tunes. Maybe get a sandwich.

Anyway, it’s a great-looking t-shirt. Standard adult men’s sizes, true to size. Chest pocket and back print.