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Filmme Fatales issue 7

Filmme Fatales issue 7

Filmme Fatales issue 7 is all about space—wanting space, feeling overwhelmed by space, getting lost in space and being stuck in a space you need to escape.

Created and edited by The Good Copy’s own Brodie Lancaster, Filmme Fatales 7 is a mix of listicles (but, like, the good kind), in-depth film analysis and short fiction, with colourful illustration and photography sprinkled throughout. You’ll read about the house in Melbourne where Dogs in Space was set, the complicated feminist film universe of James Cameron, and the literal space that a small woman called Iris Apfel occupies in our public consciousness.

Designed by Hope Lumsden-Barry, Filmme Fatales 7 is chock-full of articles that you’ll dog-ear for the tram ride home and images that you’ll want to tear out and put on your fridge. Maybe buy a second ‘display’ copy, just to be safe. Filmme Fatales is published by The Good Copy (and we’re bloody proud of it, by the by).