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Filmme Fatales issue 8

Filmme Fatales issue 8

In Filmme Fatales issue 8, editor Brodie Lancaster looks towards the future—because that is the theme around which everything in this issue has been created! That’s handy. Contributors, including Lesley Arfin, Danielle Henderson, Caroline Goldfarb, Ruby Tandoh and 24 other writers, artists and designers, explore now and next, the future of film, and what kind of hope our favourite characters hold tight to get through the tough times.

After four years and eight issues, the Melbourne-made zine celebrating women in film is hitting pause on the remote and going on hiatus—so it’s a good thing that issue 8 is the biggest issue ever. It features interviews with actors Lily Rabe and Melanie Lynskey, and filmmakers Logan Kibens, Karen Bernstein, Stella Meghie, Julia Hart, Susanna Fogel and Celia Rowlson-Hall. It was designed by Hope Lumsden-Barry with Stuart Geddes, and the cover and centrefold feature photographs snapped by editor Brodie Lancaster herself.

Filmme Fatales is published by The Good Copy (and we’re bloody proud of it, by the by).